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Contemporary Artist, also known as Those Vague Days

Sebastián Florido, also knowns as Those Vague Days, is a Contemporary Artist from Guayaquil Ecuador. 

His painting has a formally figurative style, which is characterized by very expressive and frantic color. Without defined narratives, the proposed scenarios are happening through canvases of various formats that make up diptychs and triptychs, and invite the viewer to approach the perverse transformation of those memories belonging to the artist’s surrounding world.

Women, passers-by, traffickers, objects that invade the art studio of Florido, intermingle with pieces of cloth, bills, ash and saliva. A universe full of personal connotations that investigates the translation of objects from the domain of the tangible to the sphere of physical and bodily experience.

His large format works depict a spatial distortion in which the color fields determine and generate the rhythm of the time in which life passes. His unique way of looking embraces the real and the fictional in a simple plot of immediate references that start from the cultural and personal. His compositions are characterized by a continuous dialogue between images, symbols and time, in which the interaction between nature and objects found by chance occupy a very relevant place. 

Sebastián Florido displays all this imaginary in less common media. Objects to which it grants a second function, but there is no intention in the artist to sacralize them, but rather a need to keep their usefulness alive.

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